Floating Ball Valve

Blow-Out Proof Stem

The stem is made separately from the ball with integral T type round shoulder, installed internally from body side, retained by body to assure sealing safety at all pressure.

Anti-Static Device

Spring plus graphite type anti-static device is applied between the ball, stem and body to keep the electrical continuity between all the metallic components, and ensure the resistance lower than the most severe service requirement.

Fire Safe

(A).External Leakage Preventaion

All the possible external leakage point between stem and body, body and adapter are made with primary O-ring seal and secondary graphite packing or gasket seal. When fire burned out the primary O-ring seal, the secondary graphite packing/gasket seal still can prevent the process medium without external leakage.

(B).Internal Leakage Preventaion

When fire burned out the primary soft seal, the upstream medium pressure push the ball to downstream against the secondary metal seat lip to shut off the process medium and prevent internal leakage through the valve bore.


Top Mounting

All valve are designed and manufactured with ISO 5211 top mounting, for 2″ & large cast floating ball valve, actuator can be directly mounted on the valve.

Environment Friendly Valve

Accurate machining of stem and body sealing surfaces with double sealing (O-ring primary seal plus graphite packing seal), and disc spring live loaded ensure the low emission complying with the most severe pollution control regulations. The test certifications are available on request.